Monster crowd on the streets of London, the terraces of pubs taken by the storm

The British rushed to control their large locked hair on the terraces of pubs this early Monday morning, tasting a little freedom gained by removing the restrictions associated with infection.

In London, this Monday evening party was especially in full swing. Announced by radio LBC News, Encountered a monster crowd on the streets of Soho district in the center of the capital. The terraces of pubs and restaurants were crowded.

These scenes make possible a clear improvement in the health condition of the UK, the most miserable country in Europe with more than 127,000 deaths, under severe imprisonment and massive vaccination. The United Kingdom, which was defined for the third time in early January, now has less than 3,000 cases and less than 50 deaths a day.

The country is actively vaccinating: about 60% of people have the first dose, those over 50 years of age.

Calls with caution

Despite these improvements, calls were growing cautiously to avoid a resurgence of pollution. “Even if we do not know exactly when or to what extent this will be, there will inevitably be a relapse in the number of cases,” warned Peter Harby, a Times radio professor who chairs a panel advising the British government on respiratory viruses (Nervtok).

With the use of deconfinement not following the same schedule in different block countries of the United Kingdom, indoor catering is planned to reopen in the UK, while hotels, museums, theaters and stadiums stand, with limited capacity.

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