WhatsApp, This is Privacy Confusion | The application may crash

WhatsApp, This is Privacy Confusion |  The application may crash

Another privacy issue involves WhatsApp. Now many users can see that their account is blocked. Let’s see in detail what is happening and why.

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Another tile that sees WhatsApp users reconcile their privacy. Now you are in danger Concrete block. Earlier this year the application came under heavy criticism for new policies related to the processing of personal data.

But despite this, it continues to be a favorite instant messaging app not only for Italians but around the world. It is a standard part of companies owned by Mark Zuckerberg For this reason an important message comes that puts many users at risk.

That’s why WhatsApp blocks users

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An update to the app’s privacy terms may lead to WhatsApp blocking its users if they disagree. This is the real barrier that affects everyone. Thanks to this social networking ad revenue Because they do not charge any fees from the users. However, to ensure that advertising on Facebook is as relevant as possible for individual users, WhatsApp should use the data contained in their profiles.

Soon the introduction of new privacy conditions allows social networking Take data from WhatsApp and share it on Facebook For more specification of ad content. Related chats have protagonists as personal profiles to do with company profiles. This way, their contents can be stored under the new privacy rules.

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What will happen in use from May 15, 2021?

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WhatsApp Su smartphone (Pixabay)

From May 15, anyone who does not comply with this Privacy Policy will be permanently barred from use. Also, the activities will be less at the beginning. You can only make calls, but You cannot receive or send messages. After that, the profile will be permanently deleted after 120 days.

But this time European users may sigh with relief because the new rules do not comply with the GDPR regulation, which allows personal data to be used for specific purposes only.

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