Santos goes to groups

Four places in Libertadores, others in Sudamericana: The final qualification for the group stage of the Queen event began this week. If Santos had already taken a big step towards these, everything else would be open.


That’s the poster for the week. 2020 final, Santos Moved to The new gasometer A challenge San Lorenzo With dangerous balance. Ariel Holan’s gang manipulated Diego Tabo’s perfection. For this, the new technologist Fish Relied on its strength Santos, His youth and especially his speed, which caused much concern for the slow mid-double donut – Brockery Hurricane. Lucas Prague gave himself a separate goal from the start of the game, doubling Marinho’s stakes just before half-time on a penalty after Marcos Leonardo was thrown behind the defense, and the case folded at the break. And if San Lorenzo The second period had a strong time, especially shortly before the start of the last quarter of an hour after Angel Romero had signed off to break the deadlock. Fish The case certainly folded from a new diamond named Angelo to a fox target, who became the youngest scorer in the history of the competition.

Elsewhere, two trips were on the menu for Colombians. The leader of its competition, TheAthletes National The defense was going to del Sacco in an attempt to counter Freedom. The first act is complex, the Gum Some of the pros and cons, especially in the half hour Jorlan Pereira’s strike give hope but dominate the first action. But the chances were mostly in favor of the locals, with Adrian Martinez and Ivan Franco as key players. After resisting the first forty-five minutes, The Purslane Moving the lines in the second half created danger by overuse the pages. It workedAthletes National Getting a few situations and controlling the ball better above all else. Still, as the crowd looked better, Christian Piece used a free kick to disallow Quintana’s only goal of the game. Freedom. It is therefore a goal to be preserved in Athanasios.

Getting around La Paz is always complicated, especially when faced with a regular labeled event HeArvar. But if Jr. Came home with failure, which opens up many hopes. However, everything started badly for the Colombians, and the mistake made by the German Mera allowed Leonardo Ramos to come in and deceive Sebastian Vieira to start the game. But Mera’s response was immediate, using junior defender Javier Rojas’ hand error. Score, Jr. Although Bolivia’s attacks caused a lot of headaches for the rear guard of the spectators, they tried to manage the game, which was saved by a better vibe or lack of skill of the sky attackers. If Peugeot doubles the gang race at the Natchez Gonzalez, HeArvar No longer able to distance himself from the scorer’s schedule, he has to manage a very low lead on the return trip next week.

The same advance Freedom of the Valley However it was mostly dominated Guild In the last match of the week, the match was moved to Paraguay. Letting go of the height, Guild Suffered in the face Necrosols The game is always so sweet, done with combinations and seriousness with some prominent men like Christian Bellero in the middle or the new nugget like Pedro White. Guild Still scoring first, Diego Zosa scored in the ninth minute. But the result was a long domination of the “natives”, a great performance in Brenno’s goals. Triangle, Is sometimes saved by its size. The Ecuadorian were still able to double the lead from Farawell in the tenth minute an hour earlier, but despite a numerical superiority of half an hour they were unable to extend the lead. So to oppose a return to Brazil to grab a place in the group stage and expel the former winner.

Results and videos

San Lorenzo 1 – 3 Saints

Libertad 1 – 0 Atletico National

Bolivar 2 – 1 Jr

Independent 2 – 1 gram of valley


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