The NASA Mars helicopter was delayed, flying on April 14th

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NASA Mars helicopter delayed, flying on April 14 - World News in Hindi

Washington: The US space agency NASA has diligently sent a small helicopter called Intelligence with the rover to Mars, which will now take off on April 14. Earlier, it was scheduled to fly on April 11. However, the decision to postpone its release has been taken twice before.

Earlier it was expected to launch on April 8th, but it was announced that it would launch on April 1st.

NASA said in a statement on Saturday that “during the high-speed rotation test of the rotors on Friday, the command line that controlled the test ended early due to the expiration of an observation time.”

The U.S. space agency said, “This happened when we tried to switch the aircraft system from pre-aircraft to aircraft mode. The helicopter is safe and in good condition.”

The monitoring timer allows you to monitor the command line or queue and alert the system to any possible problems.

If a problem is noticed at this time, it may be helpful to keep the system running so that security is not compromised.

NASA says the helicopter team is considering telemetry to diagnose and understand the problem, after which they will review the full-speed test.

If NASA succeeds in its mission, it will be the first flight of a helicopter to another planet outside Earth. This is the reason why it is considered a historic aircraft.

The untouched features of Mars will be explored with the help of helicopters. NASA has also released an image before.


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