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Top 5: The most beautiful parks in the UK

There are countless parks in the UK that are full of colorful flowers, lush meadows and lush forests. By easing the exit restrictions, the flower company Flower card, A Comparison using TripodWiser user reviews To establish an amazing ranking of the most beautiful parks in the United Kingdom.

St. James Park, London

The oldest of London’s nine royal parks boasts the most beautiful place in the capital. Located in the center of Westminster, This park offers an unstoppable view of the palace Buckingham, Hide what the greenery takes. The site offers a fantastic world setting and nothing to envy the universe Disneyland. Its artificial lake and the surrounding vegetation provide shelter for the pelicans and squirrels that inhabit it, making one forget for a moment that this green expanse is in the heart of London.

St. James Park Lundress Verdur
Andrea Motta – Unsplash

Hyde Park, London

Undoubtedly the largest park in central London covering an area of ​​140 hectares, it is one of the capital’s nine royal parks. At two kilometers long and more than a kilometer wide, it is a hub of London’s cultural life, hosting concerts and performances regularly. Only the serpent stream separates it Kensington Gardens, So some consider them to be one and only part of a larger park. According to the record, the oldest part of the park belongs to the manorஎபரி And includes a section Hyde ”, Equivalent to 24 to 29 hectares, which is a former English measurement unit, gave its name.

Hyde Park Lundress
Marco Chilis – Unsplash

Princess Street Gardens, Edinburgh

As the finest park in the UK outside of London, these 19th century Scottish gardens deserve their place in the rankings. Supervision The Mount, An artificial mountain, these majestic gardens are frequently visited by people and participate in the social life of the city. They sometimes act as a meeting place and for meetings, but also as entertainment with the many concerts they have held. Plants share the landscape with many statues. The most popular of them Scott Memorial, Built in 1844 in memory of the famous Scottish writer and poet Walter Scott.

Princess Street Gardens England
Stuart Hay – Unsplaced

Cockington Country Park, Torque

In this little corner Devon It is an essential step in discovering the English countryside. It only combines gardens, parks and forests. There are three ornamental lakes in the middle of this 182 hectare, but also called a historic mansion Cockington Court. Described as “enchanting” by its visitors, these lush pastures delight young people.

Cockington Country Park Angler
English Riviera

Kensington Gardens, London

Back to the basics with what used to be Boyce T’s private gardens Kensington. A royal park, the park’s large alleys cannot leave visitors indifferent. Between its valuable trees and its water bodies, the gardens hold a special round pond adorned with colorful plants.

Kensington Gardens Lundress

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