MLP The Show 21: Coming from the PlayStation Studio on Xbox and GamePass, it was not chosen by Sony

MLP The Show 21: Coming from the PlayStation Studio on Xbox and GamePass, it was not chosen by Sony

Of MLP The Show Not very popular PlayStation Studios, Especially outside the United States, but it was developed Sony Interactive Entertainment San Diego Studios. So the surprise was good when it was announced MLP The Show21 Xbox One and Xbox Series X | Will be published in S, and a few more days ago when we learned that he would be joining Xbox Game Boss Since its inception.

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Slightly shocked by these efforts, Reverse Wrote an article on the subject and was able to get an interesting comment from a spokesperson Sony Interactive Entertainment. He says specifically The arrival of MLP The Show 21 in the competition was not a fact of his company, but a wish Major League Baseball. The parent company of baseball baseball in the United States has explicitly stated its terms in renewing the contract You In 2019, even if that means making PlayStation Studios To match.

As part of this year’s goal, MLP has decided to bring rights to as many baseball players and fans as possible. This result offers a unique opportunity to turn MLP The Show into the premier baseball video game brand.

A Priory, The Major League Baseball Wants to use MLP The Show21 The video game can be a visual aid for the series and a marketing tool to attract new followers for the game. But what to remember This is obvious Xbox Not due Sony Interactive Entertainment : While there are many more PC ports in the cult PS4 games, your favorite owners are the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

In any case, use the advantage MLP The Show21 From April 21, you can subscribe Xbox Game Pass Ultimate To 99 12.99 per month.

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