Boundaries will be closed to foreign tourists throughout the year

Despite the global vaccination campaign, Australia is not expected to reopen its borders to foreign travelers by 2021.

A senior Australian health official said on Monday that despite advancing vaccination campaigns around the world, Australia was not expected to reopen its borders to foreign travelers in 2021. Brendan Murphy, secretary of the Department of Health, is a key government adviser. He ruled that we should not believe that liquid traffic at the borders will return in 2021. “I think we still have significant border controls for most of the year,” he told the ABC.

Tens of thousands of Australians are stranded abroad

“Even though a large portion of the population has been vaccinated, we do not know whether this will prevent the spread of the virus,” he said. “Further isolated activities will be for some time.”

As a result of these restrictions, tens of thousands of Australians are stranded abroad. Returnees will have to pay around A $ 3,000 (00 1,900) for their 14-day hotel isolation.

Australia, with a population of about 25 million, has concluded agreements with the British team AstraZeneca Oxford University and Pfizer / Bioentech to obtain the dosage of the anti-Govt vaccine. The government is still waiting for the green light from the regulator. Vaccinations should not start until the end of February.

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