Harrell, Kate: DMX sets the agent record straight!

Montrezl Harrell en NBA réagit à la mort de DMX

Admitted to hospital after overdose, the rapper was diagnosed with DMX Has been at the center of the news lately. But Montreal was confronted with the behavior of some Internet users, including Harrell or Carl-Anthony Downs, forcing his agent to set the record straight. Description.

On Monday evening, April 5, the news plummeted, and the famous American rapper DMX was rushed to hospital in New York with a heart attack. The first words of his agent gave the impression of his situation: “Only we can pray”.

Sad news for fans starting from a particular LeBron James: Lockers superstar immediately Released a strong message to the rapper, Goes viral on social media. Other players followed, some reacted, and so released misinformation. Both names are specifically targeted.

For example, Montreal Harrell shared a tweet a few hours ago (since it was deleted) that TMX might announce death. The same story on the page of Carl-Anthony Downs, who would have sent a “message-tribute” to the artist.

Doc X for a long time!

Seeing this false rumor growing on the internet and deceiving even some NBA players with millions of subscribers, DMX agent Steve Riffkind quickly released a video.

Please stop publishing these rumors, DMX is still alive. Yes, he is still in life support, but it does not help anyone to spread false rumors. Leave his family alone for a night and you will hear from him tomorrow.

As always on social networks, awareness is needed. If Montreal Harrell and Carl-Anthony Downs run out of discernement The good news at this point is that DMX is still alive today.

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