Christina Rocca leaves LPO after 6 months "for personal reasons"

Christina Rocca leaves LPO after 6 months “for personal reasons”

Christina Rocca, art director of the London Philharmonic Band (LPO), will leave the company for personal reasons from November 2020. In its place, LPO management has appointed Elena Dupinetes, a Russian-born composer and musician, who will assume her duties next September.

Christina Rocca was the Art Director of the Orchester National de France from 2012 to 2015

« For very personal reasons and with great difficulty, at this point in my life I have decided to leave London. I thank the LPO family for their support and understanding. ”. It is with emotion and sorrow that Christina Rocca has announced that she will be forced to leave the LPO and return to Italy due to the death of one of her relatives.

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The Italian musician, originally from Bologna, was appointed LPO’s artistic director last November, especially after performing the same functions. National Band of France (2012-2015), du Chicago Symphony Orchestra, du Cleveland Band and d Strasbourg Philharmonic Band. In a statement, the management of the London Band ” I am so sorry to see her go, the LBO is so grateful for the opportunity to work with her and fully support her decision, and wish her all the best for the years to come..

Elena Dupinettes will work with Edward Gardner, Karina Canellokis and In Vladimir Zhorovsk

The London Philharmonic Band has announced the appointment of Elena Dupinetes until September to replace Christina Rocca. The Russian-born composer and musician has worked in the United States for about fifteen years. With the Seattle Symphony Orchestra in Atlanta until the summer of 2019, he was forced to postpone his contract due to a health crisis.

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Elena Dupinettes “Proud and happy when it enters a new era as part of the incredible London Philharmonic Band. Edward Gardner as New Chief Conductor, Kareena Canellogis, Guest Chief Conductor and Conductor Emeritus Vladimir Jurovskil, Along with ” The complex situation caused by the epidemic and its particularly social consequences led to significant changes in our art form and made the music world more relevant and interconnected. I see my role in helping LBO grow its local fan base and its global audience. ”.

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