Will the Migration Crisis in the US and Canada Soon Be Affected?

Will the Migration Crisis in the US and Canada Soon Be Affected?

The new migration crisis affecting Central America, Mexico and the United States is far from over. In March, 19,000 children were detained on the US-Mexico border. Are any effects expected up to the Canadian border? Sputnik takes part.

The Biden administration has not been able to cope with the large influx of migrants from the South, including several thousand children. 1There is In April, the media aired the footage Two little girls were started From the top of a wall by kidnappers. In March, 19,000 unsupported children Were placed under the charge of U.S. authorities.

On the first day of his term, Joe Biden signed an executive order ordering a halt to the construction of the border wall with Mexico. At the same time, the president announced that he wanted to regularize the situation of “dreamers” who came to the United States illegally when these 700,000 people were in the minority. Since then, Joe Biden has been accused of giving false hope to thousands of immigrants whose situation cannot be rectified in the short term.

Immigrants to the Canadian border?

Will Canada experience the consequences of this new immigration crisis, which is an important partner of the neighboring country and the United States? On March 19, an article New York Post It was alleged that the Biden administration was considering Move immigrants Near the US-Canada border. The Washington Post He also mentioned the same possibility. On Rachel Marston’s microphone, Phil Kursky, a former Canadian security intelligence officer, closed the door to this hypothesis.

“I do not think this will happen anytime soon. I will say that the news is wrong,” Kursky said in an interview.

However, the Immigration Department of Canada told Sputnik that it was taking the new migration crisis very seriously. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada – Official Name of the Ministry – Canada Confirms Working With Washington “Regarding these global migration issues.

“We will continue to work with the United States on our shared priorities for migration and refugee protection, including the commitment to resettle refugees and the provision of safe havens for asylum seekers in need of protection,” spokesman Peter Liang said. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada.

This is not the first time that the issue of migration to the United States has had an impact on the country of the maple tree. Between July and September 2017, 7,000 Haitians from the United States arrived in Canada illegally in the hope of seeking asylum. Haitian migrants have fled the U.S. border since the 2010 earthquake. After seeing their temporary security status canceled by Donald Trump, they rushed to Canada, but only a minority was able to stay there.

Canada is one of the first migration crises in its history. The Canadian Armed Forces were called reinforcements.

Prevents them before the immigrants arrive

Under pressure, in 2017, the Trudeau government also had to start A prevention campaign Haitians want to reach Canada. In the current context, Canadian authorities, in partnership with their US counterparts, are still relying on this type of communication strategy:

“We will work with the United States to recognize evidence of forced migration and irregular migration in Central America and expand support for capacity building in affected countries. We will continue our ongoing discussions. […] Preventing Irregular Migration in the United States, ”says Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Stephen Handfield, a Canadian lawyer who specializes in immigration, believes the new migration crisis remains an issue for Canada to “follow.” But not the Canadian Prime Minister. “Do not change the rules“, The lawyer did not expect an overflow on the US – Canadian border:

“Due to the health crisis, the Canadian border is still closed, even to asylum seekers. Immigrants will not be able to return unless they are exceptionally eligible for a secure third country agreement such as a family member residing in Canada, ”explains Stephen Handfield.

In practice since 2004, the Safe Third Country Agreement declares Canada and the United States to be “safe nations” that respect the international principles of refugee protection. Under the document, asylum seekers must present their claim in the first secure country they arrived in, which prevents them from claiming ownership in the other signed country. However, in Canada, an immigrant may violate the terms of the contract if he or she crosses the border in an irregular manner.

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