They arrest 14 workers from a Pacific gym in Providence who did administrative work with the permission of the “security guard”

Total Fourteen executives at the Pacific Gym in the Providence district They were arrested this morning by Carabineros staff.

The situation arose following an anonymous complaint to the municipality of Providence, alleging that people had entered the compound where it was banned from operating because the commune was in phase 1, i.e. isolated. Although initially indicated that people were doing physical activity, when police and health ceramic personnel entered, they were found to be there 14 workers doing administrative and financial work.

This was pointed out by Mirna Campos, Acting Head of the Directorate of Providence Supervision, who pointed out, “When they saw our presence, people hid in the offices, and the process was very difficult because we had to convince them to let them out. To interview them. See what really happened ”.

That place, in addition, was able to check The officers went with a security clearance that did not correspond to the work they had done.

The mayor also came to the place Evelyn Matthew He resumed his activities yesterday after the postponement of the elections, he said “Workers are not criminals, they are victims. Non-victims are the owners because they had the wrong permissions. They have to be security guards, but when they can do it right from their homes, the people who did the administrative work here, even if they can’t do it at home, they can’t come. ”

“The owners passed an acceptable quota because, precisely, we see the same situation during epidemics,” the mayor said, pointing to the previous closure and putting the sports complex to work with its workers.

People were arrested for violating Section 318 of the Penal Code and taken to the 19th Police Station in Providence.

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