Shock reveals the 4 players he takes to fight the MMA Champions

Shock reveals the 4 players he takes to fight the MMA Champions

A true prankster by nature, Shahul O’Neill is one of the most intimidating players to set foot on the ground. Can you stand up to the most famous professional fighters from there? Maybe… but not alone. Big Cactus has 4 names in mind, he revealed.

One of the most dominant players in league history, Shahul O’Neill A physical monster. Diesel measuring 147kg at 2m16 in its lifetime is not really the guy you want to trigger a fight with. To his delight, he is a four-time NBA champion Occasionally engages in wrestling, This is another story.

A guest on Rex Chapman’s podcast, Shock had to answer at least one interesting question: If he joins the 5V5 team against the MMA fighters, which players will he choose? His answer did not last long:

Question : “Let’s take a shot. You are at a bar, in front of you are 5 of the hottest MMA guys in history, the Liddells, Brock Lesners and company. You are, you can choose the 4 NBA players you have played against or who are your teammates for the cage fight. Who are you taking with you? “

Shock : “I take Larry Johnson, Xavier McDonnell, Charles Oakley and Gary Trent”.

Let’s be honest: the choice is very good. The mountain of muscles, Larry Johnson can upset everything in his path, not just a little. Xavier McDaniel is also a real ringworm, he came out with a specific Michael Jordan Its hinges.

Charles Oakley is unanimously recognized as one of the toughest players in history, and Gary Trent was never the last to fight – in 1997, before hitting someone with a billiards on a bar.

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Shahul O’Neill has built his army to face the big names of MMA, and 4 lucky Diesel can take their recommendation as a compliment. No wonder: If this fantasy fight really happened, we wouldn’t give the skin of the 5 big NBA much …

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