Illegal dinner case in France: Pierre-Jean Salenon’s searches on Boyce Vivian

Affaire des dîners clandestins en France: perquisitions en cours au Palais Vivienne de Pierre-Jean Chalençon

According to AFP reporters, the three police officers came out of the building an hour later in central Paris. Later, the other five police officers left Palas Vivienne before leaving in two cars.

The case has caused a stir in France. Despite the health measures currently in place in France, secret dinners are said to have been held at the Palais Vivian, owned by the famous collector Pierre-Jean Salenion.

First, the latter However, he denied the facts, saying “April is the biggest fool’s day”. However, in the face of the evidence, He admitted that an event last took place at his home on Thursday.

On Wednesday, a search was already conducted with chef Christophe Leroy. Through the voice of his lawyer, Mr. Theory Freud, Mr. Leroy said he was “able to submit a certain number of documents confirming that the services he rendered were not in private homes and private homes, as permitted by law” companies would be open to the restaurant type public (ERP).

“In any case, no member of the government participated in the meal, contrary to what was said professionally,” the lawyer added in a statement, condemning the “bad investigation” against his client.

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