Cincinnati and Castellanos see the red, false start of A in the MLP

Cincinnati and Castellanos see the red, false start of A in the MLP


With full fury in Cincinnati, the wrong start of A and Arosarena flies back to what happened in this first week of the regular season at MLP.

Team in format: Cincinnati Reds

A thunderous start to the season for the Reds! Disappointed last year, Cincinnati has taken off the pace And crushes everything in its path, allowing Ohio to assert itself as the most dominant team at the start of the season. First Runs (57), to the Reserve Banks (54), forAverage (.316) but also runs in homes (14), in Sluggish percentage (.602) and OPS (1.002) After six games, the Reds are in a cloud and currently dominate NL Central, a testament to their three wins with 10+ Runs The division is registered against competitors. Cincinnati are 5-1 up and have won their last five games to kick off the best of their 2021 fiscal year.

Holding team: Auckland Athletics

It’s hard to get off to a worse start in 2021 than Auckland. With an intimidating schedule in the beginning (Astros X4 then Dodgers X3), A’s simply not there. Houston agreed on more than eight Runs At each meeting, the Bay franchise did not perform well, losing heavily in the first two meetings against Los Angeles. With a blurred vision of hope with the first win last night (after ten innings) to avoid a win against the Dodgers, Auckland still need to find its rhythm and settle, ptiching staff It features the final Major League ERA (7.17) and the worst WHIP (1.78), and a defense that already has 80 wins and 53 runs in seven games.

Man of the moment: Nick Castellanos (RF, Reds)

If Cincinnati has air on its boat at the end of this first week, Nick Castellanos will also be floating. He was recruited last year to increase the Reds’ offensive, training an average of 2020, but banged this year. Famous for its power, which Slacker Best views ever Sluggish percentage (1,130) and the best OPS (1,610), and ranks first in the number Runs (9) and home runs (4). With his teammates Nick Sensel and Tyler Naquin, he buildsExterior This first week is very risky and I hope to keep this momentum going.

Strong hand: Zach Wheeler (SP, Pillies)

Philadelphia started its season well (5-1, 1)There is NL East) and can thank him Pitch staff This is currently the strongest one National League. In his midst, Zack Wheeler was particularly distinguished by his high level performance against the Braves for the second game of the series between the two owners. Uncompromising on the bench, he conceded only one victory in seven innings and hit the last seventeen batters. Batting box. Wheeler also had ten strikeouts, first in the Pillies jersey. His acting debut in Philadelphia after Roy Holde in 2010: It’s hard to do better to start his season!

Act of the week: Arosarena flies

In bulk

  • In 2021, the opening day is no more determined than ever! For the first time in MLP history, eight games were decided by one Tile The break ended in narrower margins with six games before 1972 than the previous record.
  • Miguel Cabrera continues to make history for the LTTE. He scored his first home run of the season, breaking the 350 home run mark with Detroit, becoming the third player in owner history to surpass that total. With currently 488 home runs and 2,869 career wins, Venezuela could break other prestigious bars this season.
  • The Royals played unbeaten at the start of the season, beating the Rangers twice (14-10 then 11-4). By registering 10+ Runs In the first two meetings of its season, the Kansas City owner achieved a record unheard of in history.
  • The exceptional match between the Brewers and the duo on April 3 will be between the captivating pitchers between Jose Berrios and Corbin Burns. For six rounds, two men did not concede a victory, each receiving eleven strikeouts, the first of its kind in the modern era (after 1900). With regard to this achievement, Burns will eventually crack and concede defeat by offering Byrne Buxton a home for the twins.
  • Shoaib Othani is a special player, he proved it again at the start of the season. The Japanese, rewarded with mount and bat, delivered a strong shot (115.2 mph) and a fast ball (100.6 mph) at the start of the season, the first time in league history. Something to reassure Angels fans who were thinking about his form.
  • We know Pete Alonso in advance and he proved it again at the start of the season. In Game 2 of the series against Philadelphia, the Floridian hit his 70the Proud to be the fastest man to reach this bar (220 games).
  • Also in the Rangers plans, Rafney Odor wasted no time in regaining a franchise and was transferred to the Yankees. Is still under contract for two years (third year) Club Option), He will be paid at least by New York, while Texas will offset his remaining salary. At Big Apple, Odor is expected to reclaim the role of third paceman as his new manager Aaron Boone recently handed over.


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We will meet next week for a new update on the status of the MLP after two weeks of competition.

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