Ticket office opens: Fiji – Jeffrey-Quizard, Australia

Ticket office opens: Fiji - Jeffrey-Quizard, Australia


The ticket office opens to the public in 2023 for the long-awaited match between two rugby teams from Fiji and Australia at the Saint-Etienne Stadium.

In the run-up to the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France, many teams from around the world will compete in different French cities. Jeffrey Quizard Stadium is no exception, catering to the biggest rugby teams.

After offering many benefits to the lucky and privileged members of the “rugby family”, one of the largest communities of activists, the time has come to open ticket offices to the public. By browsing the many packages on offer, Oval Balloon enthusiasts can choose the offer they want and above all fit their budget. However, for single locations, we will have to wait a little longer because they will not be on sale until 2022.

Slots are highly desirable as they can go from a few hundred euros to thousands and stocks will exit very quickly. So the opening of the ticket office is the most anticipated moment, just like the Rugby World Cup.

It will be on sale at the sharp, reservation site this Tuesday at 6 p.m. As a reminder, Geoffrey-Guizard Stadium hosts 4 major tournaments in September and October 2023.

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