Meteorological study. Frost is expected tomorrow morning in Isare and Savoy

Temperature Unusual and almost concise Forget about the fact that we came out of winter last week … we didn’t find a thread in April. Coming from the north of France, a cold wave came out of the region at the beginning of the week and landed in Burgundy and Nord-Isre, We even had snow, Tuesday 6 to Wednesday 7 April.

In the Sun-Ed-Lower, a thermometer even reached a cold record of -5.4 ° C, dropping to -4.9 C the previous day, with the lowest temperature being in Salon-sur-Zona. Reached -4.4 C on April 9, 2003. The night of April 6 to 7 is the coldest in the last 75 years, according to Matteo France.

Wednesday night from April 7th to Thursday 8th promises to be cool again.

The fields of Ain, Izra, Savoy and Hot-Savoy have emerged from snow and ice yellow awareness. But tomorrow morning, negative temperatures are expected in Savoy, especially in Chamonix at -2 C and Dignes at -9 ° C, and on the Mathesin Plateau (-3 ° C in La Mியre).

The Meto Center-Isare predicts temperatures in the high mountain plateaus to -5 ° C to -10 C and in the high mountains to -10 to C to -15 to C.

Temperatures should drop on Friday, April 9, and frosts will end, at least over the entire weekend. The sky will be sunny on Friday, but with cloudy weather on Sundays or rainy Sundays, darker weather is expected.

Photo by D.R.

When farmers protect their crops from frost … by frost!

The forecasters of a cold event and the consequent frost warning makers, took the lead with an original system. They protect their crops … with frost! To do this, they generously pour water on their crops and form a frost layer at a constant temperature, which dissolves gently in the sun to protect the flowers, unlike most brutal natural shoots.

In Nord-Iser, the technique is used To protect apple trees, And Savoy, Tree crops.

In Vauxhall, almond producers and brewers Trust Mistral To preserve cultures.

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