Israel informs Washington that an Iranian ship in the Red Sea has been attacked by its forces

Israel informs Washington that an Iranian ship in the Red Sea has been attacked by its forces


The New York Times quoted a US official as saying that Israel had informed Washington that it had attacked the Iranian ship “Soyuz” in the Red Sea, adding that the Israeli attack was in retaliation for previous Israeli attacks. Ships.

Earlier, the Iranian Dasnim news agency – citing its correspondent – reported that the Iranian ship “Soyuz” had been attacked by tunnels attached to the Red Sea, while Washington denied any involvement in the attack.

The agency said the “Chavis” had been stationed in the Red Sea for the past few years in support of Iranian special forces accused of taking merchant ships to protect them from theft.

A U.S. Defense Department spokesman denied al-Jazeera the involvement of US forces in the attack on the Iranian ship, and said Washington had no further information about the attack.

Data from the “Sea Transport” site for monitoring maritime traffic revealed that the Iranian ship “Soyuz” was anchored in the Red Sea, with information about the attack.

The U.S. Navy says the Iranian ship “Choice” may have been involved in spying in the Red Sea.

The company may have backed Iranian forces, exported oil to Syria and backed Houthi forces in Yemen.

The company claimed that the ship belonged to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and was operating under the cover of a merchant ship.

In turn, the official Israeli “Khan” channel said it was talking about the attack in light of a series of attacks on Israel by foreign reports, as part of a so-called naval war between Tehran and Tel Aviv.

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It pointed out that the aforementioned Iranian ship was operating as a floating base for Iranian military power off the coast of Yemen.

The channel quoted sources at Droit Global, a maritime company, as saying that the ship was attacked on Tuesday morning and some damage was reported.

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