In London, MVRTV Plants Oxford Street

In London, MVRTV Plants Oxford Street

Dutch architecture studio MVRTV has announced the construction of a temporary facility to connect Hyde Park and Marble Arch in central London.

Oxford Street, the highlight of London’s Shopping Street, has been plagued by epidemics and repeated locks in the UK. Electric shock that allowed the municipality to open its eyes to the urgent need to diversify the environment. The first phase of this upcoming transformation is the installation of a signed green and interim construction Studio D Architecture MVRTV, Located in Rotterdam.

Called Marble Arch Hill, the man-made mountain connects Hyde Park with the arch of the same name when it was built in 1828. Since then, new streets have sprung up, isolating Marble Arc from the park. Neighbor. If she can’t go back to Hyde Park, Hyde Park will come to her!

The MVRTV project is based on a sawmill, which rests the soil needed for plywood and lawn growth. A system that will be reinforced in some places to support the trees that fill this artificial park.

Of course, the interior of the “mountain” will be accessible, and it will be a place for exhibitions and events. Above, pedestrians can climb Marble Arch Hill, and “ Walk on the grass ยป, Enjoy the breathtaking view of the 25m high park and surroundings!

The launch of the new facility is scheduled for July. It should stay in place until the end of the year. Later, metal scaffolding and wood will be reused for new construction, and plants will be replanted in city parks.

If this is a quick achievement, MVRTV’s charismatic founder Winnie Moss believes it’s Marble Arch Hill. ” Encourage the city of London to correct the mistakes of the 60s and restore the permanent connection between Arch and Hyde Park .

Anyway, this is a huge revenge act for the Dutch studio. In 2004, he already proposed an artificial mountain for the Serpent Pavilion, which was rejected by the museum due to lack of budget. Seventeen years later, Winnie the Pooh’s dream is coming true!

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