Steff gives the curry a rand

Steff gives the curry a rand

Although still undefeated last night, the Warriors have a series of defeats. Steff Curry is logically angry, pushing an anger at a press conference: he expects too much from his teammates.

This is definitely not fun for the Warriors who can no longer win games. Shame on the Raptors by 53 points, then another disappointment against the Hawks this Sunday. Steve Kersey’s men can not do that, and the coach finds himself in a more awkward position than before.

It is in all of these Step curry, Logically disappointed at the turn of events. Leader level, he should definitely be a little lonely. His associates are irregular and some are not ready for this level of competition.

Still, don’t trust the curry to remove them. Although he sometimes hesitates to push an anger, there is no question in asking for changes in his front office. This is even after the game against the Hawks, Baby Face logically came back to the media.

You can not play like that and expect things to change! We need to make the necessary changes. If it is lost, it is currently terrible for the locker room. We have no reason to smile, no “vibration”. This is frustrating and I hope everyone gets motivated to stop this.

As for the curry, we have to react, even if there aren’t a lot of games. To the extent that Dubs will miss the season:

The hard part is how to win these matches. We have a lot to change, and it is a challenge that everyone must accept. It’s frustrating for everyone, but it’s an opportunity to highlight the last 20 games and show something.

About 20 games to play for the Warriors, not much time to show something different. Next year is an unforgettable season for Steff Curry’s teammates who want to change the situation.

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