Pays de Fougères: Le Voyage immovable allows you to travel directly without leaving your home

Pays de Fougères: Le Voyage immovable allows you to travel directly without leaving your home
From their Saint-Georges-de-Reindebold Jerome Sans office, Julie Ligny and Helen, Voyage immovable coaches, organize sessions for a limited audience at the end of the world.

Make people travel by the magic of live video, without leaving their city, without trusting the firm network of guides and associates around the world: this is the goal of an original company, in short. Le Voyage immovable, screened in Saint-Georges-de-Reindebolt in January, North Fokers (Ille-ed-Villain).

First, Two very experienced globrotors. Jerome Sans and his partner Julie Ligny A good fifteen years have been spent abroad, mainly Latin America (Peru, Costa Rica, Bolivia …).

Jerome and half a dozen associates manage Terra Group, A travel company made by a tailor in twenty countries (180 employees): Latin America, Canada, East Africa, Europe, Australia …

A crowd in the mountains, live, on your sofa?  Trigger.
A crowd in the mountains, live, on your sofa? Trigger.

“We chose Ferns land”

The couple, who are raising three young children two years ago, moved to Upper Brittany to stay close to family ம்போது while spending many months of the year working around the world.

“But we have been living in a region for a long time. We do not belong to that region, but we actually chose the land of Ferns,” he says succinctly. Jerome ChanS. Saint-Georges, the best publishing site for a global travel agency!

Class thousands of miles away

Except that Kovit-19 played the worst trick on the Terra team. A heartbeat for Jerome Sans and Julie Ligny, who work with many partners. “Mostly independent guides, or small tour operators did not get into crisis. Our intention was to make them work despite the imprisonment.”

“Last August we started thinking about still travel. We started in January by contacting all the schools in France, ”laughs Jerome Sans.

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Le Voyage Immovable offers original educational sessions for teachers.

“Our local partner in every country is directly in the field. On the edge of a volcano, talk about environmental protection in Africa, talk about water management in Indonesia, a coffee plantation in Latin America … a connection is established with the class, and the experience begins …”

Jerome SansLe Voyage is the immovable director

One rule: live forever

A ruler: Still travel is always done live. “Otherwise, you can go and see a documentary on YouTube,” Jerome Sans laughs. Another virtue of directness: sessions can be unpredictable and guides, all French-speaking, need to be modified at times.

An example in the video …

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On the technical side, it’s easy. “Schools are generally well-equipped. All they need is a good connection, a screen, a webcam and a microphone for communication between students and site guides. ”

Of course, these direct trips take into account time differences: “That’s why we can’t offer anything in Alaska or Australia …”

“This is not an interim plan.”

Trips can last from half an hour to two hours, and can even be offered for kindergarten classes.

“We accept the author’s request. “With very different budgets:” Only the visit of a guide to the Medina of Casablanca is required, he lives on the site. On the other hand, an experience in an isolated region may require a five-hour journey to begin the session. There will be an entrance fee for some trips … We calculate as accurately as possible as there are no other intermediaries between us and the local partner … “

Jerome SansLe Voyage is the immovable director

Seniors coming soon

Motionless journey The school started with students. But it will also target other audiences, such as individuals and associations: “We are already interested in senior apartments,” concludes Jerome Sans. One thing is for sure: the end of the health crisis will not be the end of a sedentary journey.

“This is not an interim project, I would like to pursue it after Govt. We have plenty of ideas for next year, for example emotional and interactive experiences”

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