High-paying jobs in Moscow - Miscellaneous

High-paying jobs in Moscow – Miscellaneous

The highest-paying jobs in the Russian capital, Moscow, include the jobs of a babysitter, a professional cook and an emergency doctor.

A Russian site specializing in job search posted a list of the highest paid jobs in April.

It is noteworthy that in the April report the doctor who specializes in dental implants was classified as the highest paid within the vacancies because the vacancies for this specialist are with a salary of up to 400,000 rubles ($ 5333).

Has at least five years of experience in vacancy requirements, with the ability to make dental implants with organizations such as Noble, Astra and Shtraman.

A banking service sales manager can earn a salary of 350,000 rubles a month (, 6 4,666) if he has at least two years of experience in this field.

The strange thing about this month’s ranking is that it ranks third in the list of vacancies for a mobile application development manager, and the technology and digital world do not top the rankings, and employers pay up to 300,000 rubles a month for this job ($ 4,000).

Employers are willing to pay the same salary (300,000 rubles per month) for a nanny with at least 3 years of experience. In terms of employment the nanny has a higher education degree in education and she must also have a music degree.

While employers are preparing to pay up to 200,000 rubles a month for a nightclub hostess and a beautician, both vacancies require work experience.


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