Google changes policy for Android phones

Google changes policy for Android phones

Google has announced that it will increase data privacy on Android phones, with a stricter policy on applications.

According to information provided by the company, until next May 5th it will begin to follow a new policy of improving the privacy of the data of telephone users by defining the capabilities of the applications.

As of this date, developers of programs and apps for Android 11 computers may not be able to download apps on the Google Play Store with the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES functionality, meaning their applications will not be easily recognized. As Google considers this feature “sensitive and requires special permissions”, the data associated with the remaining applications on users’ devices. Only some applications can use it.

It is assumed that only some monitored applications are allowed to access the above data, including antivirus programs and some file management applications and browsers that require that command on smart devices.

Experts believe that this move, which Google has taken a long time to take, will increase the privacy of users ‘data, especially since some app developers are exploiting their data for personal purposes that may be related to the policy of targeted advertising or target phone owners’ tendencies.

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