"We will communicate with aliens"

“We will communicate with aliens”

Michio Kaku, a well-known American scientist at City College University in New York, said in an interview with The Guardian: “Soon, I think we’re more likely to interact with an extraterrestrial civilization.”

Recently, the talented physicist in “String Theory” published a new book entitled “God’s Equation” in which he studied Einstein’s general theory of relativity and quantum theory. Defender.

In connection with Michio Coco’s extraordinary report on aliens, he relied heavily on the new James Webb Space Telescope built by the agency. NASA It is scheduled to be launched into space by the end of 2021. Comicbook writes that the costs of its realization have reached $ 10 billion.

The 74-year-old physicist believes that once sent into orbit around the US, thousands of us Planets, See “, and The probability of discovering extraterrestrial worlds is very high. The professor says that in the “next 100 years” we will discover an extraterrestrial civilization.

However, Michio Kaku, a PhD student at the University of Berkeley, Warns mankind of contact with other worlds beyond the earth. “I think the aliens out there can be friendly, but we can’t play with it. That’s why we have to be very careful.”

Chetty is based in the United States, in collaboration with NASA and has a team of researchers whose main purpose is to search for other civilizations in space.

“If we talk about brilliant extraterrestrial life discovery, it may be a special time. We have the technology to find life in other worlds, and our ability is improving,” said Seth Shostak, Chetty’s senior astronomer.

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