Mysterious rock on Mars that puzzles and intrigues NASA scientists


“Is this wearing anything from the local bed?” Asked NASA Posted on Tweet account From NASA’s diligent work, Last Wednesday, March 31. “Is this part of Mars that fell in the region from a far-reaching event? Is it a meteorite? Or something else? ”Added the message.

Company Doubts They represent a strange stone 15 cm long, Was found near where the rover landed. “If you stare, you can see the sequence of laser scores I did to get more information,” the tweet added.

While NASA Rover is waiting for its partner, The helicóptero ingenuity Take the first flight to another planet, Their instruments pointed to a green-looking rock on the surface of the Red Planet Scientific team “exchanges many hypotheses” According to Rover’s Twitter feed, None of these, however, point to an extraterrestrial explanation.

To destroy the mystery Scientists believe the rover’s laser will penetrate into a more mysterious rock. The laser is part of an impressive instrument Super game. Scientists believe that, over time, that is The laser provides additional information about the composition of the strange rock, Can tell you if it was created on the site or was taken there by some process.

If it does not form in your current location, the water may have taken you away cráter lake Or it could be a meteorite like him Rover interested Saw in 2014.

The great purpose of this work is to discover “Signs of Ancient Life Collect rock and regolith samples to return to Earth ”, according to NASA The official website of the work.

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Perseverance is at the heart of NASA’s 7 2.7 billion Mars 2020 mission. The car-sized rover began work on February 18 at Red Planet, Exploring the Jessero Valley for Signs of Ancient Life.

The crater consisted of a deep lake and river delta, providing many interesting environments to explore its surroundings.

There are seven scientific tools in diligence. It sits on the mast of a super game vehicle and can deliver laser shots at target rocks up to about 7 meters from the rover. Each laser beam generates Cloud of evaporated rock, Its composition can be analyzed by supercam cameras and spectrometers.

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