Google pushes iPhone users to switch from banana to pixel

In a new tutorial on its “Google-made” YouTube channel that explains how to convert data from an old smartphone to a pixel, the US company has found a fun way to grab the attention of iPhone users.

For the snippet

As Google explained how to transfer its data to the new Pixel smartphone, The company used a banana to mark the brand’s Apple phone, Which acts as the old phone in the presentation. This is an indirect attack on Apple Google thinks iPhone users should move to Pixel.

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“As long as you know how to insert a cord, you can’t go wrong,” says Google. The company adds that your contacts, settings and photos will be magically changed. Everything is done to encourage iPhone users to drop and try out the new site.

How to transfer your data from iPhone to pixel?

Google Video illustrates this process. Insert your new SIM card into your new pixel and then turn on the device. You need to follow some guided steps including selecting the language or WiFi network. Quick switch adapter provided in the box Connect your new Pixel smartphone to the iPhone using the Lightning Cable.

After selecting the WiFi network, Google will ask if you want to copy your data. When you click “Yes”, A “Trust this computer” pop-up window will appear on your old iPhone. You must click “Yes” to allow the transfer. Your new pixel will choose which data you want to copy, and after waiting a few minutes, All your iPhone data should be available in your pixel. Finally, Google will ask you to add a zip code to lock the device and register your fingerprint.

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For more precise explanations, Do not hesitate to access our guides. We have already done a number of tutorials that will allow you to transfer your apps and settings to the new Android smartphone, or transfer all your data from iPhone to Android phone.

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