Florida poisons threaten to flow into Tampa Bay

En Floride, des eaux usées toxiques menacent de s'écouler dans la baie de Tampa

Mr Desantis on Saturday declared a state of emergency to allocate new funds to tackle this potential crisis at Bini Point, where the plastic coating of the reservoir began to leak more than a million cubic meters of toxic sewage and radioactive leaks.

Authorities are trying to prevent the leak, as well as discharge water from the reservoir to reduce pressure, but have warned that contaminated water could spill into the surrounding area.

Manatee County officials on Saturday ordered the complete evacuation of the area around the reservoir “following the deterioration of phosphoximum stocks, a by-product of fertilizer production.”

More than 300 homes have been affected by the eviction order.

Ron Desantis announced on Twitter that he would travel to Manatee County on Sunday to meet with local officials and take stock of the situation at Bine Point.

“All residents should heed the eviction orders,” he wrote.

Florida Agriculture Officer Nicole Fried wrote a letter to the governor saying that the current crisis is the latest to affect the site.

“For more than 50 years, this Central Florida mining activity has caused numerous environmental and public health disasters and incidents,” he wrote, adding that the reservoir coating has already failed several times in the past.

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