MLP: Summary of the Games on Friday, April 2 in the National League

MLP: Summary of the Games on Friday, April 2 in the National League

Trevor Boer brought a scoreless draw into the seventh inning of his debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who beat the Colorado Rockies 11-6 on Friday night.

Boyer (1-0) has been impressive in six innings, showing why he is the last winner of the National-Sai-Young Trophy. He hit the Rockies of Balance with his slippery ball and speed.

Then it all fell to the seventh round.

Trevor Story scored a single to break the game without a run or hit and Charlie Blackman called for a long two-run ball. Ryan McMahon added Homer two runs at the expense of Bauer.

David Bryce stepped in, but gave back-to-back Homers Tom Nunes and Sam Hilliard. Suddenly, the Dodgers melted a 10-0 lead to 10-6.

For the second time in Rockies history they hit four long balls in a single innings. The first took place on June 6, 1999.

Bauer led the way in the sixth and third innings, allowing four runs and hitting 10 opponents.

The 30-year-old right-hander signed a three-year, $ 102 million contract with the Dodgers in February, when he was a free agent. He was 5-4 with the Cincinnati Reds averaging 1.73 last season.

There was little in everything during this conflict. The Dodgers had more than one basic win, but the Homerons did not. A gray cat made a surprising appearance in the eighth inning, sharing the center field with Cody Bellinger for a while.

Rockies starter Antonio Sensatella (0-1) automatically allowed only three and a third innings and seven points. Sensatella opened the game by winning six of his last eight home starts.

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The Dodgers, defending the World Series champions, have lifted their record against the Rockies 23-8 in the last three seasons. They lost 8-5 when the season started on Thursday.

Another end of nationalism:

Diamondbox2, Patress4
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