Alma Latina, Australia Tours and Jetset Voyages: 3 New Brochures for 2021

Alma Latina, Australia Tours and Jetset Voyages: 3 New Brochures for 2021

Car La Carte travel expert East West Travel released its 2021-2022 publications a few days ago for its three brands, Alma Latina, Australia Tours and Jetset Voyage. Expect some innovations.

Latin soul

Alma Latin, a tour operator specializing in Latin America, offers a 120-page brochure
Each location (except El Salvador and Nicaragua) describes its group tours, private or semi-private, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica (all modifiable). All of these are additional ideas and additional activities to stay in each country: mini stay, excursion, extensions of 2 to 5 days, etc.

Among the novelties, it is necessary to count the circumference of the “Wonders of Northern Chile” (p. 111). A group tour of 10 days / 9 nights (maximum 12 people) from Santiago, with an extension on the pre- or post-Easter tour. 7 2,719 per person on a double basis. 14 departure dates are scheduled for 2021.

Another new aspect to plan: the “Wonders of Norreste and Rio de Janeiro” round (p. 55). 12-day / 9-night group tour departing from France. It combines Rio de Janeiro, the Path of Emotions (Norestil) and Amazon as an expansion option. Per person, from 8,849, on a double basis. 12 departure dates are planned for this year.

To find the brochure, Click this link.

Australia Tours

Australia Tours offers 160 pages covering Australia (91 pages), New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Tahiti and its islands (18 pages) and New Zealand (31 pages).

On the show: group tours, personal tours, self-driving tours, camper vans (in Australia and New Zealand), “inspiration” at each location and many other excursions. The Car La Garde area is available in Australia and the North Island and South Island to New Zealand, referring to the tour operator.

In terms of innovation, Australia Tours has decided to highlight eco-responsible tourism with a number of projects marked with a specific logo. More than 50 products in Australia, 6 “Pacific Island” products and 19 products in New Zealand were affected. Autodors are also offered on hybrid vehicles.

More on innovations: The “Polynesian Sweets” round (p. 124). 13 day personal tour departing from Puppet. From 2445 From. Two extensions are available from Babbitt: Marquess’s Archipelago and Tuvamotus. Another gold not to be missed: “In the Footsteps of Tolkien” (p. 134). 20 day New Zealand self-tour from Christchurch. For the ecologically responsible discovery of the landscapes behind the trilogy “Lord of the Rings”. 7 to 2,739 per person.

Finally, two extensions of the “New Zealand Prestige” self-propelled tour departing from Auckland (p. 139) are now available: a luxury lodge at Pay of Islands (3 nights), Eagles Nest (10 1410 to one person, dual base) and Auckland Departure to Cook Islands (6 nights) (from 95 2795 per person, on a double basis).

To find the brochure, Click this link.

Jetset Voyages

The brand specializes in the United States and publishes an 184-page brochure covering the “Islands” Bahamas and Hawaii, Canada and the United States (with 104 pages dedicated to this single destination).

A complete production with 15 group tours, one private tour (US West), 2 train routes, 37 self-driving tours and all-round stay, exit and tailor excursion, reduced the region in terms of area.

The real plus in 2021 is the drop in prices (up to € 200 per person) on most self-driving tours and some guided tours.

To find the brochure, Click this link.

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