A policeman and an assailant were killed - released

A policeman and an assailant were killed – released

Capital back in grief. A police officer died Friday after another attack near the US Congress headquarters in Washington. The man who drove his car as two officers also died. The capital is sealed.

“Suspect attacked two of our agents with his car”, Before attacking a barricade, Capitol Police Chief in Washington Yogananda Pitman described it at a news conference. “At that moment, the suspect got out of the vehicle with a knife in his hand” and “began to walk towards the Capitol police officers”, After that the agents are with him “Drawn” In it, he clarified. However, the attack did not appear to be linked “Terrorism”, Police said.

The Capitol compound was placed under the highest security since the January 6 attacks, led by pro-Trump protesters. Friday’s new attack on the US Congress does not appear to be relevant “Terrorism”, Police said.

Some security barriers have recently been lifted and security has been tightened around the US House of Representatives. Capitol police intervened “After receiving information that someone was driving over two officers”, She clarified. The events took place near a checkpoint on the Senate side.

If elected representatives of Congress were in Parliament this week, some members of their ranks, including Congress employees and the media, would have attended. According to pictures of a journalist filmed from inside, a helicopter landed on the Esplanade at the foot of the Capitol for a while. Media reports say the shooting took place when the suspect was arrested.

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