There is no more compelling reason to go and travel to France

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Issued by Vanessa Arnell | On 03/11/2021 on 03:43 pm | Updated on 03/11/2021 at 15:47

It is difficult to say that since December 20, the journey between France and the United Kingdom has been minimal. Today, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it will facilitate travel conditions for many countries outside the EU and its Sovereign Kingdom.

A compelling reason will not be compelling until tomorrow. But a presentation of the PCR test performed 72 hours prior to your trip will always be requested. Thus, a member can reunite UK-based families residing in France, or vice versa. Students who have to take part in competitive examinations and people who live mainly in France can set foot there freely.

However, we must not forget to take into account the restrictions introduced throughout the channel. All foreign travel is banned before May 17 Reconstruction project, Except for special reasons you must specify Fill out the new form Before embarking on a journey.

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