For all the boys: Netflix produces a character-centric spinoff series

For all the boys: Netflix produces a character-centric spinoff series

Since 2018, millions of Netflix subscribers have taken an interest in the emotional life of Laura Jean (Lana Condor) through the saga “For All Boys” adapted from the named Romans. Very quickly, all three films became popular and became one of the most popular romantic comedies on stage once they were released. So it’s no surprise that the U.S. agent wants to ride this wave of success for a while longer. If fans were too confident that the fourth film would see daylight, it would not. According to the press “Deadline”, Which is a spin-off series that is said to be in development. But this time, the plot is not focused on Laura Jean, but on her little sister Kitty, played by young actress Anna Goddard. For now, the series project has yet to find a title, and it is too soon to mention an imaginary release date. Actors Lana Condor and Nova Sentino – the hang of the film – are also not sure about the cast. On the other hand, we already know that the spin-off will have a few episodes in thirty minutes.


Kitty (Anna Godcard) © Netflix

A New Sentiment Series

So the search for true love is the youngest turn of the Cowie siblings. Little did we know that this new romantic series would take the place we left the protagonists, at the end of the third Opus, “For All Boys: Forever and Forever”. But if so, we remember Kitty falling into the spell of a boy she met during a family trip to Seoul, South Korea. Back across the Atlantic, despite the difference in distance and time, the two young men continued to communicate through intermittent smartphones. This is without a doubt a good start to a delicious romantic comedy.

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The spin-off series “To All the Boys” was written and produced by Jenny Hahn, author of the original Literary Fellow. Siobhan Vivan will support the pilot’s writing. Patience, patience …

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