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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released the latest figures for telecom subscribers for the month of January. Earlier, it was reported that Vodafone Idea had 1.7 million new subscribers in January. But new data shows that Vodafone Idea lost 2.3 million wireless users in January.

Troy said the report was misleading due to the telecommunications company’s negligence. Vodafone Idea Limited sent a report to TRAI on March 18 stating that there was an error in subscriber data in Uttar Pradesh (West) in January. Troy’s first report was released on March 17

According to the latest figures, Vodafone Idea lost 23 lakh subscribers in January, Airtel 59 lakh and Reliance Jio 20 lakh subscribers. Vodafone Idea added 1.7 million wireless subscribers in January, according to data released earlier this month. Vodafone Idea has not been able to add new subscribers even once in 14 months.

English Summary: Vodafone Idea loses 2.3 million users, does not add 1.7 million, shows revised TRAI data

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