American and Mexican bishops call for unity with immigrants

American and Mexican bishops call for unity with immigrants

A unique and common request of American and Mexican bishops on the border between the two countries. In An announcement, Released on Thursday 1stThere is In April, they come together to draw attention to the plight of immigrants.

The embarrassment of immigrants

“Every day we see the embarrassment that our expatriate sisters and brothers face, They write in the preface. Often, the decision to immigrate is not triggered by indifference to their homeland or the pursuit of economic prosperity; It is a question of life or death. »

Since February, when the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service has arrested more than 100,000 people at the Mexican border, the Biden administration has been sharply increasing the influx of immigrants from Central America, especially among unsupported minors. On March 13, the White House ordered the agency responsible for the emergency to intervene, especially to assist in the reception of many of these minors without parents.

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In this context, nine American bishops and six signed Mexican bishops are asking “Humanitarian Solutions”, Especially indicating the condition of children. “All nations have a shared responsibility to protect human lives and ensure safe, orderly and humane settlement.”, They point out.

Call it “Welcome, Protect, Promote and Integrate.”

They are appealing to the US and Mexican governments « They work together to welcome, protect, promote and integrate immigrants into civil society in accordance with their inherent identity. ”. They support a broader collaboration “To eliminate the conditions that push their citizens into dangerous and irregular migration with other countries in the region”.

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Bishops at the same time care to recognize the rights of nations « To maintain their borders ”, What “Important for their sovereignty and right to self-determination.” ” Between political reality and unity, they find the path to the balance they ask for “Those reforms must be made in our laws to promote a culture of welcome for our sisters and brothers and to respect the sovereignty and security of our nations.”

Church Dedication

These American bishops, M.G.R. Robert W. McIlroy, Bishop of San Diego, and Bishop of Ciudad Juarez, led by MGR Jose Guadeloupe Torres Campos, MexicanAnd those responsible for the pastoral care of the Episcopal Conference of Immigrants should not abandon their own responsibility in the reception room.

“We are committed to continuing to support the respective governments’ efforts to protect and maintain families, as well as those who are being forced to settle.”, They specifically refer to the decisive action of Catholic organizations.

This general and symbolic announcement takes place at the center of Holy Week, “In which we experience the power of love in the death and resurrection of Christ”. Bishops on the border between the United States and Mexico call for continued engagement with immigrants despite the route “Long and tough”.

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