London tax exemption for donations to build the Brexit Museum

The project has acquired the status of a public utility association, which again divides the country between Europiles and Europops.

A group of activists has called for the collection of money and artefacts for a Brexit museum after the controversial project was given charitable status, ‘an AFP spokesman said.

Following the 2016 referendum on the project, its promoters called on the British to leave the EU and donate related items to various collection points across the country. He now has a status that will allow his beneficiaries to deduct donations from their taxes, says project spokesman Gavin Dowler.

“It’s like opening the Blitz Museum in 1941.”

Katie Brand, actress and writer on Twitter

No more opening a museum “Inaccessible dream“Thanks for the promise”Fair giftGavin Dowler said anonymous support, i.e. organizers could search the premises for the purchase, was a uveophobic party that had been UKIP spokesman in the past. Nigel Farage (Right to right).

The announcement sparked an angry reaction on social media, with images of Brexit’s negative impact, rows of trucks crossing the channel and empty shelves in supermarkets. “It’s like opening the Blitz Museum in 1941Writer and actress Katie Brand tweeted, referring to the bombing of Nazi Germany in England at the start of World War II. According to a daily online survey Daily Telegraph (Right), 70% of respondents would not visit such a museum.

The promoters of the project hope that the working class will find the museum in the Midlands region, which has largely voted for Brexit, says Cowen Dowler. They are planning a start “Very humbleHe hoped to raise about 700,000 pounds sterling (20 820,000) and hire a professional curator. This year’s opening is not expected.

Nicole Farage has no role to play in supporting this idea, the spokesman continued, explaining that he would still ask her. “Probably one of his striped cases“The museum is looking for flyers for pub meetings.”Things that are usually in boxes with people“, But collecting”Of courseItems from Brexit’s enemies. He hopes to provide resources for researchers, said Gavin Dowler.Anger is always visceralAround Brexit.

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