Australia: Discovers a new spider named Nemo after the cartoon

Australia: Discovers a new spider named Nemo after the cartoon

A researcher has discovered a new type of spider in Australia. He named her Nemo because the cartoon hero resembles Finding Nemo.

We are still a long way from discovering all the animal species on our planet. Scientists estimate that there are still 80%Unknown species. Most of them will live in inaccessible places and will be small Frogs Or spiders. It is a new spider found in the south of Australia and described in the journal Science Evolutionary system.

Measuring only 4 mm (the size of a grain of rice), it belongs to the peacock spider family and is scientifically named Marat flying. This is new Spider Received baptism Maratus Nemo Due to its bright orange color and white stripes, they are reminiscent of Pixar cartoon hero clown fish Nemo. Nemo’s World. According to experts, these traits help attract males during the breeding season.

Maratus Nemo Discovered by Australian scientist Sheryl Holiday last November. She soon realized this Spider The species is indistinguishably different. He then posted several photos on a special site, and drew the attention of Australian biologist Joseph Schubert, who was interested in small arachnids spiders. The latter contacted the scientist, who sent several samples. After reading them, he discovered that it was indeed a new breed.

Joseph Schubert explained this news to the Victoria Museum Spider “Very vibrant orange face, with white stripes on it, it looks like one Clown fish, So I found Nemo to be the most appropriate name for it. Strangely, Maratus Nemo was found in a complex of wetlands in shallow water marsh plants. No other creature in the Marathas has invaded such habitats. “.

Peacock spiders are Australian spiders that are known for their ability to jump, but also for their elaborate dances in order to attract a mate. “Peacock spiders have attracted the public’s attention because they are so beautiful to spiders – they have forward – looking eyes and you can get a lot more with them. Less beautiful than any other type of spider.”, He concluded.

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