Occasionally C.S.

Occasionally C.S.

North America has always been in CS: GO and Is part of the furniture with Europe. However, the last few years have not been very promising, and Europe is still far from what it already is. In fact, although it is not particularly competitive with the old continent, Investments were made in NA Since 2016 to make up for this delay.

They have been paying for a while Team fluid And Cloud 9 Who performed better during the Majors. In fact, Team fluid Is The first North American organization to reach the final During such competition Cloud 9 Is ELEAGUE Major: The first to win one at Boston 2018. Except after that, nothing. This topic Cloud 9 There is Only one for the continent Moreover, as investments continue to run into millions of dollars, the results fail.

What role should epidemic play in this fall?

Added to this lack of results is global epidemic, which suppresses all physical phenomena The essence of CS: GO. Online competitions are gradual Ignored by the audience Who needs Watch the best teams in the world compete with each other Not just those from the same continent. While Europe managed to keep many teams at a high level, it was completely different to North America.

In fact, proof of this Dreamhawk opens March 2021, Alone Team fluid Was part of the best world class. True, The hearings were adjourned by SportSorts Was only too weak An average of 30,000 visitors And this Team fluid Allowed to increase. In fact, all three of the team’s matches have been highly watched so far. Opposition meeting Team fluid In Pine Gaming Short 100 000 visitors When Final Of the competition made 61,396 viewers.

These are relatively low numbers Witness this fall in interest And forecast A bad connection to CS in North America. In addition, this drop in audience is not the only issue that needs to be resolved for Valvin FBS, so a newcomer from last year will have to face, Evaluation.

Does heroism take the place of CS?

Up here FPS in view Were on the continent CS: GO Call of Duty in particular, one-third came to make its hole with Valoront. With A banging visit, Of FPS Riot game It immediately established itself in the hearts of the players and re-trained many players. Number of professionals CS: GO Or after the overwatch has been replaced Evaluation Most popular by dozens, TenZ, sinatraa, Happy Or ScreaM et al.

By Appraisal Champions Tour, Riot game Already installed Clear competition round that appears to be efficient. Cross seems to be there too Spectator average 94,674 When Level 1 to Challengers 3, Always According to Sport Charts. In addition, the North American Masters Final Opponent Sentinels In FaZe Clan Was around 300 000 visitors, Especially thanks to the parallel streams Ninja, myth, armor Or Pokemon.

Not even much audience after that Sentinels Against Luminous gaming Exceeded 360,000 viewers. All this around Evaluation Indicates the worst in North America C.S., who may already be late Against its rival last year. Yes அடைப்பான் And if the configurations do not respond, the CS may be further dropped Stay away from the first places When returning from world competitions in physics.

What is the future for CS in North America?

However, not everything should be thrown away, when the audience is falling, The visitor site will always be there And begs to see shows worthy of the nameA continent with a large continent. This will be necessary Find influencers The scene can be exaggerated again even though they have been rare lately. So it will be necessary To do quickly If North America does not want to Let Europe, the CIS and Brazil escape far and wide And Watch his fans go on Valentine.

So did CS die in North America? For now it has not been done but ShieldA former professional player at CS talked about it in a video, but it didn’t seem optimistic. If you would like to consult an expert on the scene in North America, you can Check out the video below.

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