LoL: wild split; When beta is released in Latin America and North America

LoL: Wild Rift;  lors de la sortie de la version bêta en Amérique latine et en Amérique du Nord

The second week of this month Riot game It was announced that 29 Mars The League of Legends: Wild Rift Beta for the United States In IOS and Android devices. Yesterday, the California company, a subsidiary of a Chinese joint venture Tencent, Advanced with its release to perform the first tests focusing on measuring matchmaking, delay and player behavior. Unlike the one launched in Europe, no pre-registration is required for this test, so below we will tell you how to create this game.

How to download it?

Lol: If you want to know how to get Wild Rift, we recommend reading our review How To Download On Android And ios.

How much space do you need?

If you are an Android user you will need 2.45 GB and in the iOS version you will need 3.4 GB.

Which version is similar to the US beta version?

Version 2.2 itself brings a number of changes from technical features such as the ability to play with top teams and new champions such as Gallio at 120hz, although the Colossus will arrive on April 1 at 6:00 pm (MX) / 7:00 pm. pm (CO) / 8:00 pm (BO / PY) and 9:00 pm (AR / CL / UY).


How long will this first phase last?

According to Annabelle war, Wild Rift’s brand manager Lattum, in an interview with various specialty media, said the test will only last 3 days (early April) and by the middle of the month they will extend it to 30 days and come back late in 2021.

What other territories are included in this new version?

At this point, the Asian regions of Hong Kong and Macau are also integrated, although these are connected to the server associated with the region.

LoL: wild split;  When beta is released in Latin America and North America

What languages ​​do they integrate?

Added support for Brazilian French, Latin American French and Arabic.


The ascent to qualify in Latin America begins March 29th.

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