Green cargo ship not in trouble, Suez Canal expected to open | Give long | Cargo ship stuck | Let go of long trouble

Green cargo ship not in trouble, Suez Canal expected to open |  Give long |  Cargo ship stuck |  Let go of long trouble

[மார்ச்292021அன்றுஎபோச்டைம்ஸ்செய்தி](Epoch Times reporter Sen Ding reports) Green container taxLong Grant“(Always given) is stuckSuez CanalIt has entered its 6th day. On the 28th, it was reported that the duckboard might pull “Long Give” a bit. On the morning of the 29th, the rescue operation made significant progress. Weselfinder, according to a recent image from the ship tracking website, appears to be closer to the right of Long Kiev. Getting out of trouble is not far off.

Weaselfinder real-time screen display,Long GrantCompared to the last few days, the hull has become sharper, and the area trapped by the river is gradually straightening, and it is expected to move along the river.

The latest image from the vessel tracking website Weselfinder shows that Long Kiev has been gradually straightened out and is not far from trouble. (Image taken from the Weselfinder website)

EgyptSuez CanalOsama Robbie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, said in a statement: “The ship is 80% re-directed. Severe … Moved to 102 meters (334) from shore. Ft). “Changxi’s original extreme condition was 4 meters away from the riverbank.

Earlier, Peter Bertowski, CEO of the Dutch company Boscalis, which was involved in the rescue operation, said Monday that local time would be a crucial moment from 4am to 5pm and that there was a 50% chance of getting out of the Long Kiev problem.

Currently, more than 450 ships are waiting for navigation due to the impact of Longsang, and excavations are ongoing. However, although it is expected that the Suez Canal will resume shipping after the Changshi shipwreck, it still needs to check the channel, and the start time is not yet known.

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According to the Central News Agency, Richard Mead, editor of the global shipping media company Lloyds List, said the ship, which has been sending long-term evidence close to the rescue mission, is expected to be in the next 24 hours. Hours. “Move within 48 hours”.

About ChangiThe cargo ship is strandedFor some reason, Evergreen Shipping may have been hit by an instant strong wind that caused the long-haul ship to deviate from the channel and accidentally capsize.

Osama Robbie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, pointed out that there was no weather factorThe cargo ship is strandedThe main reason for this can be caused by human error.

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