Arya Udri: “We hope to find traces of life on Mars” –

Arya Udri: "We hope to find traces of life on Mars" -

With the rover of perseverance landing on Mars in February, the Red Planet may soon reveal its secrets. “We hope to find traces of life,” said astronomer Arya Udri, a member of the scientific team on the Mars 2020 mission.

The Franco-Swiss Mars meteorite of Valais origin operates. “I focus on the magmatic ores we can find in the diligently landed Jessero abyss. The goal is to understand the evolution of the interior of Mars,” he explains Tuesday in La Madinah.

The geologist has been fascinated by the red planet for many years. “It’s very similar to Earth. It has huge volcanoes, the length, weather and poles of the United States. It could have been a habitat three or four billion years ago. ‘Years. Of course there is no life today, but we really have no evidence,” says Arya Udri.

Rocks brought back in 2031

So the whole point of the 2020 journey to Mars is to discover the signs of life. “We are looking for life signatures, chemical traces”, refers to the expert on magical rocks.

If fragments of Mars are already on Earth – meteorites ejected many years ago – the diligent rover will identify the exact appearance of these rocks.

“We also have a wide variety of rock types that will help us understand the geographical evolution of the planet. The stones will be brought back to Earth in 2031,” says Arya Udri, who is impatiently waiting for this moment.

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