Apple Bay is available on the African continent for the first time

Apple Bay is available on the African continent for the first time

South Africa was the first country on the African continent to have an apple bay. Apple’s mobile payment service has been rolled out to several banks across the country since this morning: Macroemers Stimulates Discovery, Netbank and Aspa, but there may be others.

Cap of good faith in South South Africa. Apple Pay without compatible payment method A Priory, But with breathtaking scenery (photo) Theo Crosolara (CC BY 2.0)).

This release has not yet been formalized by Apple, which does not yet list any African country This support page. All other continents are covered, but Africa is a region where the availability of services is still low. It is unclear whether Apple Bay will launch in other African countries in the coming months, but the inclusion of South Africa is the first step.

Apple Bay support is even lower in South America. Apple’s site only mentions Brazil, but Mexico was added to the list last month. In North America and Europe, Apple Bay is now almost everywhere and in many countries like France, this service is supported by almost all banks.

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