Video: Invasion of Insect Rats in Eastern Australia

souris ravageuses australie
Issued by Emily Brehant | On 03/29/2021 at 1:18 pm | Updated on 03/29/2021 at 13:23

Concern is growing for farmers in New South Wales, where thousands of insect mice are infecting crops and homes in eastern Australia.

They are heavily occupying the crops, houses and barns of the farmers. Rats, capable of giving birth to up to 500 mice per season for each breeding pair, have been a complete nightmare for residents and farmers in the east of the country for days.

The summer rains in the east of the country are the first of its kind after many years of drought, and are believed to have been caused by the invasion of these rodents. According to some observers, this is the worst invasion ever New South Wales For decades.

The proliferation of these rodents poses a risk to the crops of farmers in the affected areas, but residents of these regions were also invited to videos on social networks by those who felt the horror during the event. Businesses have also been affected by this small (powerful) invader.

According to Defender, A grocery store located in a small town in the north Sydney It is estimated that up to 600 rats were caught per night. Rooms infested with rodents in some hotels and three people have been admitted to hospital with severe bites.

Apart from the obvious harm they do to the crops of residents and farmers, these rats can be vectors of disease, which can lead to worse fears. Government Report Queensland Question Revealed in 1998: “Probably the most common pathogens are bacteria Salmonella They can be spread by a variety of animal species, including humans. Bacteria usually spread to humans through food contaminated with urine or infected feces, causing severe gastroenteritis. ”.

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