Hariri, in response to the Lebanese President: The news has come … we ask God

الحريري ردا على الرئيس اللبناني: وصلت الرسالة.. ونسأل الله الرأفة باللبنانيين

02:07 pm

2021 March 29 Monday

Beirut – (AAC):

Lebanese Prime Minister Chad Hariri wrote a few words on his official social media account (Twitter) in which he said: “The news has arrived. There is no need to respond … We ask the Lebanese to ask God for mercy.”

In a lengthy interview with the Lebanese newspaper (Al-Jumhuria), Hariri’s brief tweet after President Michael Aun’s violent attack on the Prime Minister, in its figures released today, accuses Hariri of disrespecting the criteria for balancing, sectarian representation and the establishment of a new government. By naming Christian ministers, and inciting enmity with Zebran Basil, the leader of the Freedom Patriotic Movement (President Aun’s Political Committee).

Lebanese President Michael Owen and his successor MP. Attempts to form a new Lebanese government and end the nearly eight-month-old government vacuum were thwarted in the light of the inability to create space for mutual understanding between the leading independence patriotic movement. Zebran Bazil exchanged political conflicts and discussions with Prime Minister Chad Hariri, especially the two sides recently over media reports and allegations of blocking a government writer.

Hariri reaffirms that the government he presented to President Aun about 100 days ago is in line with France’s recovery effort by forming a small government of independent, non-partisan (experts) experts so that the reforms can be implemented as soon as possible and Arab and international confidence in Lebanon restored to the presidency of Lebanon. . And the continuation of the government vacuum due to his desire to form a political government, in which his political group is a suspended minister with a third.

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On the other hand, the Lebanese president reaffirms his desire to form a new government as soon as possible, provided that it complies with the provisions of the constitution, the ministerial formation proposed by Hariri last December was unbalanced on the basis of sectarianism and was previously acknowledged, with the president accusing the republic of wanting a monopoly The process of naming Christians.

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