Grâce au travail minutieux des experts du musée de la Poste britannique, la lettre elle a pu être recomposée.

A love letter found in the wreckage of a rebuilt cargo ship

In 1941 Missive sank to a particular Iris with a mail ship torpedoed by a German submarine from Ireland. Recovered from a boat at an altitude of about 4000 meters it was restored by the British Post Museum.

Pieces of a love letter addressed to a woman named Iris were found at a depth of nearly 4000 meters. The mail cargo ship S.S., which sank in 1941 on the Irish coast by a J-submarine U-boot. This Missive was recovered from Keysoppa. British Post Museum, It can be rearranged, relevant Guardian .

“My dear, take care of yourself, not only for your own good, but also for mine.”, Wrote an unknown soldier stationed in the Waziristan region which is now part of Pakistan. “Imagine my lips tightly against yours trapped in my arms நம்ப I hope this bloody war is over soon.»

This letter is one of 717 lists not delivered by a cargo ship bound for the United States. The ship was torpedoed on February 16, 1941. Only one of the 86 crew on board survived. As of 2011, the ship was at a depth of nearly 4,000 meters, and the American company Odyssey Marine Exploration won the UK Government’s tender to recover the wreckage. The company saved 100 tons of silver ingots and letters from the water, most of which remained intact because they were buried under tons of mailbags and sediment, sheltered from light, currents, heat and oxygen.

The letters were frozen and dried as soon as they were found, and then washed in fresh water to stop the decomposition process. “Each letter is a serious and lengthy process, but they guarantee their current statusEleni Katsiani, curator of the British Post Museum, said the best-preserved letters on display were on display in 2018.

“Like many letters, it is damaged, but parts are missing, but there is enough to appreciate the moving content (…). Gentle testimony of love and desire.”

Jackie Copen, Guardian of the British Post Museum

In recent months, museum experts have been working on some of the most damaged missiles, collecting pieces of wartime life. “A look at the lives of ordinary people who lived in extraordinary circumstances during World War II», Emphasizes the museum. The senior conservator, Jackie Coppen, saw the letter to Iris, which he described. “Gentle testimony of love and desire“, Written on paper”Incredibly thin and brittle.

Before adding: “Like many letters, it has taken some damage, but although parts are missing, it is enough to appreciate the moving content. She talks about hope and the future, and she dreams of kissing each other tightly and being together again. While letters were often the only way to maintain long-distance relationships, it not only evokes a romantic past, but it also echoes the time when many of us who are interested in embracing our loved ones turn to writing as a means of communication.»

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The other two letters of the mobilized father addressed his children, and Eleni moved the party, who quoted some awkward passages from them. Guardian : In these difficult times, we all have to do the best we can: war has turned most people’s dreams and lifestyles upside down – mine is included! He also writes about how his son enjoys riding his motorcycle. This is a beautiful letter.»

«Writes missionaries, merchants, soldiers and generals, ordinary travelers to India, She explains. The letters are about life, love, hope, business and time.

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