With vaccines, America shows muscle

With vaccines, America shows muscle

Shane is a great voice. We do not know Shane, but the next day he left us some sweet words in our voicemail: “Hello, this is Shane Perry from VIP Health Services. I call to find out if you still want to be vaccinated. If you are interested, let us know ” Shane has a beautiful voice, but it’s too late. Vaccinated, we have been since March 8th. That day, at the Javits Center, the Manhattan Convention Center, we saw how America can be even more effective when it wants to. Welcomed and guided by National Guard personnel and soldiers, endless New Yorkers march here 24 hours a day to receive miracle injections. Within fifteen minutes, take care of the hand, the case is folded, after which we sit for a quarter of an hour, in chairs with military precision, as a precaution, before a guard can call them. “Shot” Leave space for the next block. I got the shot, The goal has been achieved. On March 8, the Javits Center alone broke the national record of delivering 13,713 volumes in 24 hours.

Vaccine America, today, runs on all cylinders, and soon scams, such as this phone call from “Shane”, promised us access to a vaccine that we could not actually afford. Joe Biden had set an initial target of 100 million vaccines in 100 days, which was reached on March 19 with forty-two days

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