“This situation is higher in Europe than in North America”

After his team qualified, Fenadic Midlaner answered questions from Yassin “Niski” Dinner editors. He talks about his season at LCS, LEC playoffs and MSI.

Hello, Thank you for accepting the interview and congratulations on your victory against SK.
Niski: Thank you, thank you.

Spring Split 2021 is a bit more complicated, a season that is a little less than Fenetic expected as a framework, and you’ll come out with three more playoff games, which are very strong in terms of the film’s return to the last game. What work has been done to move from a team that is said to be a little weak to a team that now looks like it can play for a European title?
For me, from the start, all the games we lost in the regular season, it was mainly by us, it was clear to us as a team that if we had played our game, if we had done nothing wrong, we would actually have won all the games. The only problem was that we made so many mistakes, we gave fights that shouldn’t have been given, there were a lot of unnecessary personal plays; But for example, there aren’t a lot of solo plays today, we always know what we’re doing on the map, calls are more secure, there’s not much risk, and so on. I think we played a great League of Legends. I think there aren’t a lot of mistakes on our side, and that’s what allowed SK to win today.

We also saw you change your pool champion a bit, your season was stopped a bit more by your choices like TF or Séraphine, there, you actually chose Lucian and Orienna who carry the choices, right? Need to take choices or extra support for your team?
I always choose what is good for the team, today they ban Seraphine and DF almost all games, so I’m the champions who scare them if I play them, but next to them, I’ll take the champions a little more, I think it’s scary. For me, as long as I train, as long as I know how to play around my team, I think I can play whatever I want. With the experience I have gained, I have the idea that I know what role to play with any champion; It’s a little harder to rude. So yes, I think it would be beneficial for me to know when to play any champion and how to act on the champions I play for.

So can you pick up a little more of the other choices during the playoffs or just a little more surprise?
Yes definitely. Today was the first step for me, so there will be many more surprises next week.

In the playoff tree, there are RGE / MAD and G2 / S04, who do you see coming out of these conflicts?
S04, of course they lose against G2. RGE / MAD, RGE should win if both teams play better, but MAD has the best players and good guys, so it’s hard to say, but in the end I think RGE will be a winner.

So in the second round of the playoffs you will face S04. Which player are you afraid of? Because we know that Gilius is the big carry of this team, but Abbott was one of the key players in the miracle run of 2020. With this in mind, is there a player who scares you more than others?
Not necessarily, we are not afraid of anyone as long as we play our game, we are fast. I don’t think it makes much difference if the opposing team plays well or trolls, because even when the opposing team plays badly, sometimes we play worse than them. For me, as long as we are at the maximum, we are going to win, so I am not afraid of anyone, no.

S.K. Gaming நி Niski on the LEC stage opposite the Rio Games

When you left for LCS, Caps and Berks dominated midline. Perks’ departure but with Larson’s arrival, what do you think is your position among the midfielders?
To me, I think Caps is the best, I think it is myself, Humanoid and Larson. It depends on the days we play and the champions, but Larson is a bit … I do not mean he is better than me, but the team and the game level with RGE, it is very strong and very hard to beat. So I would say Caps, Larsen, it is between me and the humanoid.

I would like to look back a little on the season in North America that you did, the summer regular season you really dominated with C9, this decline occurred at the end of the season, can you explain to us what it is? Due?
We were very optimistic and I would say that training is not necessarily beneficial because the choices we made and the way we played them did not match the way we played on stage. For example, when games were played slowly, we had difficulty because we smashed everything. I think that was a big mistake. But I think we had big draft and champion pool issues. Our speed on the map does not have to be the best I can say. It’s all a mix.

Have you played in two major western regions, do you think the famous EU> NA memory is true or are both regions at least equal in the top teams?
I think Europe in general is better than the United States. In any case in NA, there are only two or three good teams at most, in Europe, the first 4/5 I would be scared to say. So I think this situation is higher in Europe than in the US.

With yourself a little more specific and imagining that you are going to MSI, which team would you like to meet there?
For me it is better on DAMWON, FPX. It’s usually scary teams when you play against them, there are uniqueness and a way to fully play the changes. For example, playing against Shomaker or playing against Toynbee is really two different worlds that I say, so for me it is about gaining experience and seeing how they watch the game and how I can learn from them. I would say they are different and group level like they really are on one level, they are often better than Europe.

Can you learn from them mainly for team play, or more?
I think it’s about team, uniqueness, playing with the Jungler. All of these form a mix where you can actually learn a lot. Definitely test me individually against them and see if I do it.

Looking back at the teams that still have to face to get back to the playoffs, which team would you most like to play for?
If there’s one team I want to beat it’s the RGE because I want to beat them because Larson and Hans are my friends (laughs). I think it will be interesting to watch against RGE, but we should not skip the steps, first we have to beat S04 or G2, it all depends on who lost between them. But yes, in the end we all have to win the final, but as long as we are at our level, we have to.

If you have anything to say to the French fans, I leave you with one last word.
Thanks for all the news, I know I don’t tweet in French often, but I know there are a lot of French speaking fans who always follow me. It’s so much fun, it’s something that elevates me. Thanks for the interview, * aAa *.

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