Pritzker crowns the structure of temperance

Anne Lacaton (L) and Jean-Philippe Vassal (R)

For those who suspect that the show is no longer relevant to architecture, the Pritzker Prize was presented on March 16 to French duo Anne Lockaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal. This award for their work as a whole is a sign of the arrival of simplicity mixed with generosity. “Less” (“Less”) was commissioned by the great American architect of his time, Mice van der Rohe. This may be the motto of this couple who design generous spaces with modest budgets. It ignores the environment and is now at the center of construction problems. Founded in 1979, this Price Arbitration Forum has a $ 100,000 reward for “their work in responding to the climate and environmental emergencies of our time and its social emergencies, especially in the urban housing sector, giving a modern dose to modern beliefs and dreams of improving the lives of a large number of people.”

As others recycle clothing, home appliances or phones, Lockheed and Vassal are rightly taking advantage of their time to replace and upgrade existing homes in urban areas, to the detriment of newcomers. This principle was applied in 2011 by architects to the Boise-l ல-Friedre tower, a 100-unit building built in the early 17th century in the early 1960s.e District of Paris. They enhanced the area and improved the comfort of the apartments by removing the original concrete facade and adding warm extensions, winter gardens and bio-climatic balconies. They are in the process of acquiring land for a large-scale resumption of work at Cite to Grand Park in Bordeaux.

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