Covid 19: Between health crisis and Brexit, London faces sharp decline in its population

Govt-19: Between health crisis and Brexit, London faces sharp decline in its population

Health crisis, Brexit … Many Londoners have decided to leave the British capital in recent months. A historic leak unknown to London after World War II.

London is no longer a European El Torado. Due to the concerted action of the health crisis in recent months Govit-19 And Brexit’s realization that 700,000 of the metropolitan population of 9 million left the British capital between the summer of 2019 and the summer of 2020. Study of the Best Center for Economic Statistics (Esco). This represents an almost 8% decline in the population, which is “mainly about foreign-born Londoners” Western France. “To find such a rapid decline, when residents fled the bombs, we had to go to World War II,” notes Jonathan Bordes, co-author of the study.

The main reason for this frustration with capital is: the Govit-19 epidemic. Many foreign students returned to their homeland unable to pay their London rent, closing their restaurants, bars, museums and theaters for their work. For these students, what distractions English capital.

Brexit, a factor of departure

Brexit has played its part in the exodus of many Londoners. According to Jonathan Portes, “the impact of EU deportation has been clear for four years.”

The health crisis has caused some Londoners to think more deeply about their lifestyle. According to a study conducted by the municipality and quoted by our colleagues, one in seven residents will now consider leaving the city.

The direct effect of this deportation is always Western France This stimulates company statistics Wrightmov : In London, the rental center has dropped by more than 12%.

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