Vaccines: Why London is trying to calm things down after the pressure of Brussels

L'objectif de Boris Johnson est de maintenir le rythme de la campagne de vaccination démarrée le 8 décembre, qui a déjà permis d'offrir une première dose de vaccin à plus de 28,6 millions de Britanniques, soit 42,9 % de la population.

While in Brussels, Europeans are happy to see it Threats of siege were sealed last weekend Begins to benefit from the European Commission Bringing the UK to the negotiating table , The British government in London is careful not to give the appearance of weakening. Boris Johnson wants to show that he does everything to avoid one “Vaccine War” The law of retaliation does not benefit anyone. He urges his ministers to refrain from adding fuel to the fire, and formally calls for international cooperation … even if British vaccine exports are zero to the EU.

If he were willing to give up the position, however, the British government would have to reclaim some of the key ingredients for the astrogenic vaccine collected by subcontractor Hollix at the Dutch factory in Leiden. Above all, he should avoid an open confrontation with Brussels, while the EU has already exported 21 million quantities to the UK from December 1 (including 20 million Pfizer and 1 million AstraZeneca) and the London vaccination program depends on the production capacity of the old continent.

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