Next week’s weather: Like summer breeze … before the temperature drops

Issued by Gilles MatriconMeteorologist

The next week will be marked by different weather, very sunny mild to begin with, followed by a few showers with freshness, or rain at the end of the deadline.

At the beginning of the week, the high pressure system that extends from the Magrep to the British Isles will ensure a calm and dry climate, very mild, and hot even for the whole of France. This high pressure will move from the Atlantic Center to Iceland from Thursday. As a result, the wind is moving northeast over our country, thus the temperature clearly drops, the rain returns, and the rain comes too.

Almost summer start to the week to get started!

Monday first Wednesday, The sun will rise with a few clouds near the English Channel and a few coastal layer clouds from Languedoc-Rusillan to Provence C அte d’Azur. After a slight cooling in the morning, the afternoon will average 20 to 23 degrees Celsius with an average of 27-28 degrees Celsius from north to south, with the June level rising!

Degradation and subsequent cooling

In between Thursday And Friday, Splitting into anticyclone 2, with one part heading towards Iceland and the other part returning to the Balkans. As a result, the wind changes direction and gradually shifts to the northeast. This change in air mass will be accompanied by cooling, with temperatures reaching a seasonal average by Friday. We will see that a weather in early April is very similar.

Some rain in anticipation

There will be no real degradation, despite the arrival of cold air, reducing the high pressures. Any organized disturbance will not irrigate under any circumstances. The weather will change only when it rains in many areas between Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and weekend and Easter Monday are when the weather gets even more clearly worse with temporarily more marked rain.

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