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Jordan and Adele, ambassadors of French cuisine in London

Founded in London for four years, Jordan and Adele are partners in the city and on stage, combining the taste buds of Londoners with sweet and savory food.

Sometimes, starting a business requires certain things. To Sweet and salty, Which is the story of a date, which was initially a simple flirtation. “We met with Jordan two days after I took my single ticket to London via a dating site in Levelois, near Paris,” says Adele.

As expected, the young woman flies to the British capital a few weeks later. But it turns out that the alchemy within the growing couple is not far enough to separate the two lovers. Four months later, Jordan decides to reunite with his lover.

Sweet and salty : A long-term project

Arriving in London, Jordan was quickly hired Marylephone, In Kaiser. He then had some failed experiences before resigning his last post. The two lovebirds set out to celebrate the New Year in New York, where French cuisine is especially appreciated. The starting point of a project that guides them In creation Sweet and salty. “I’ve always wanted to own my own restaurant, and Communication School graduate Adele has long wanted to start her own business,” Jordan explains.

They start by posting photos of the young chef’s dishes A dedicated Instagram account, Before gaining the status of automotive entrepreneur in June 2018. A long phase, reflecting seven months, was halted by the birth of their son. But following a trip to Malta, Adele and Jordan finally decide to start their own businesses. With more than 170 orders in a few weeks, their Galatas des Royce was a huge success.

Takeaway London

Good food tastes good food with flavors from all over the world

Faced with the growing need, both lovers gradually decide to diversify their offer. Everyone brings their own stone to the building, he is responsible for the kitchen, business relationships and marketing. Today, they offer tailor-made meals directly to your home for larger buffets and more intimate dinners. “Most of the time, customers come up with their own options, and then I create a customized menu for them,” explains Jordan, who specializes in baking after obtaining his professional license.

“Like the baker on the street corner, I was inspired by great chefs like Cedric Crowlet,” explains the man who claims to read a lot of cookbooks. If he combines it with his French roots, his good food tastes and generous dishes are also based on more exotic flavors. Jordan explains: “I am open to all kinds of food. In addition, I try to respect the seasons as much as possible and use all parts of the diet without spoiling anything ”. Adele immediately admits to a claim, with a laugh, that she has shrimp heads, thus making her husband an inappropriate sauce.

The couple, who are always eager for new challenges, are now considering opening a b store fire store in London. An ambitious project is still in its infancy, but it could see daylight in the coming months. To the delight of gastronomy lovers.

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